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If you are purchasing or selling your home, it is important to retain an attorney. For most people, the purchase or sale of their home will be the single biggest financial transaction of their lifetime. Having an attorney to provide the necessary advice can be critical in complex legal and financial matters.

At Fischer and Burstein, P.C., we offer experienced legal representation for purchasers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate, including homes, buildings, condos and co-ops. Along with handling numerous commercial and residential real estate closings each year, our skilled attorneys assist clients with a number of matters, including:

  • Due diligence, title and review
  • Drafting and negotiating the contract of sale
  • Arranging financing
  • Ensuring a smooth closing
  • Filing necessary documents
  • Tax return reporting: proceeds of the sale
  • Having your matter handled by a professional

Our attorneys can help facilitate the process of a purchase/sale in an efficient manner while providing document assistance, contract assistance and general advice to assist with the purchase/sale and closing of your home, condo or co-op.

Your matter will be individually handled by one of our attorneys, not a paralegal, ensuring that the matter gets the attention it deserves.

For more information concerning New York real estate law, contact the skilled attorneys at Fischer & Burstein, P.C. who understand the issues purchasers and sellers face.

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